Capo Lesson – Romeo And Juliet by Dire Straits

Another song that anyone would instantly recognise after the first note or two is played.  Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits is a beautiful song to learn and play and should certainly be on your TODO list when you get a Capo.

Back in 1980, Romeo and Juliet made its debut on Dire Straits’ album Making Movies.  Surprisingly to me it only made it to number 8 in the charts, however songs of this calibre have a habit of coming back around so I wouldn’t be shocked to see it being used in a movie or TV advert and finding it hit the mainstream again.

Now when it comes to playing this song,  I’m not sure how familiar you may be with alternate tunings, but this song should be played with an open G tuning, and a Capo at the 3rd fret.  Don’t be intimidated by the mentioning of an open G tuning, it’s really quite a quick job to tune you guitar to open G,  Essentially instead of your strings being tuned to E A D G B E, they will be D G D G B D.

Let’s see Mark Knopfler up close playing the song live,  there’s a little bit of an intro so you may want to skip the first minute but this video does quite a good job of showing Mark playing the Guitar with the Capo in position on the 3rd fret, check out :

Quick Tip:  After you have tuned your guitar, place the Capo on the guitar and then RECHECK your tuning, you may and probably will need to adjust a little for the guitar to sound note perfect after applying the Capo.

And for the tablature, this is the introduction,

 Q     E  E   +E   S  S S S S S   Q      E  E   +E   S  S S S  E
  E S S E.   S  Q        Q         E S S +E.   S  Q        E    S S

  Q     E  E   +E     S S  S  S S  S   Q      E  E   +E  S S E E
  E S S E.   S  S  E.     +E    S  S   E S S +E.   S  E  S S Q

  Q     E  E   +E    S S E    E     Q      E  E   +E    S S E   E
| E S S E.   S  E    E   E.     S   E S S +E  S S  Q        E   E
 Q     E  E   E    S S  S  S S S   Q        E  E   +E    S S E a E


I suggest watching the video, practice and practice the tab above, paying attention to the flamboyant way that Mark uses his right hand for up and down strokes.

When it comes to the rest of the please watch and listen to what TotallyGuitars have to say about playing the song as they have some golden advise on how to play to the make the most of the song:



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