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My name is Dave Brown and I’ve been into guitars since my age hit double figures.  Like many I expect, I’ve never forgotten the moment I new I wanted to learn to play.   For me, it was in a friends room listening to him trying to play along to Sabbath’s Iron Man followed by the intro to AC/DC’s Hells Bells and although being far from accurate playing, the sound to me was MAGICAL!  At this point in time, listening to music was crossing over from vinyl to cassette, and we’d done a compilation cassette of our favourites.  Listening to the tiny practice amp doing it’s best to distort was for us the same as playing with Ozzy and Angus in the room.  I had a go myself that day but couldn’t play a damn thing, it sounded beyond awful I’m sure…… but I liked the noise, and wanted more.  It took a while though before getting an electric, first there was a second hand acoustic that really didn’t help as it constantly detuned but eventually many years later I have a nice selection of electrics, acoustics & a classical.

Born in and lived most of my life in the United Kingdom, a few years ago I started being drawn to classical guitar musical so explored that genre somewhat. Finding the techniques and finger positions involved totally crazy to what I was used to playing rock dominantly,   but very refreshing to learn something new and also find learning different techniques and knowledge will also benefit you in playing and understand your familiar genres.

Nowadays however I live and work from Valencia in Spain.  It’s no coincidence I have also become extremely fond of Flamenco and this is now my current area of interest, and especially other latin groups like Rodrigo y Gabriela – If you haven’t seen them, look them up on you tube, blending percussion (From the guitar) with Guitar works perfectly and since watching them the first time, I never looked at a non-electric guitar the same ever again in terms of the sounds you can get from them.

TheGuitarCapo.com was born from research I had been carrying out whenever I was trying to learn something that involved a Capo.  As the notes grew with a repeating theme I thought these ought to be online and here basically is the result.  I will continue adding the tutorials as I am happy to see people are finding them useful (I appreciate your thanks!) but if anyone has suggestions, questions or want to chat about Capos specifically or Guitars, Spain, anything!?  then please contact me at dave@theguitarcapo.com.


I hope you enjoy your browsing of my site and keep playing!







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